Looking for family holiday accomodation for 5 people?

Holidayfor5.com is the place for families of 5 to find holiday accomodation. When you need an apartment for five people, you have special needs. Holidays for mum, dad and three kids can be hard to accomodate and so we've put together a carefully selected range holiday lettings and serviced apartments for a family of five.

On our website, you'll find apartments and other holiday rentals selected by families of five just like you, so you know they'll be perfect places to holiday for mum, dad and three children.

At Holidayfor5.com we'll help you find the best 3 bedroom holiday apartments and other accomodation perfect for five people. We specialize in holiday accomodation for 5 people. That's all we do!

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Australia/NZ/ North America/Europe/Asia/Pacific

Beach/Snow/City/Theme Parks

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