Looking for the perfect holiday apartment for a family of 5?

Tired of spending hours looking at holiday home websites only to find nothing that can accomodate dad, mum and three children? At Holidayfor5.com all you'll find is carefully selected self contained holiday homes and apartments ideal for mum, dad and 3 children from Australia, NZ and around the world.

All Holidayfor5.com properties have the necessary beds and other facilities to comfortably accomodate 5 people (or more). Each holiday property has been visited and carefully checked by our reviewers to ensure that they are ideal family holiday lettings for 5 people.

Please check out our featured family of 5 holiday properties below, select a family holiday location from the above tabs, or use the search box or tag cloud on the right to find the best 3 bedroom holiday apartments and other holday properties for families of five throughout the world.

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